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Whether it's for basic manners or more complex behavioral issues, I will be focused on not only training your pet but teaching you how to work with them effectively.

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About Diggin That Dog

Diggin That Dog believes it’s never too late to teach an old pup (and its owner) new behaviors. Our tailor-made services are designed with you and your pet in mind to ensure results. I believe in working as much with you as with your pup. Our goal is to provide long-lasting impact through expert training.

Diggin That Dog has several years of experience in supporting pet owners to make the needed changes in their pet’s habits. Our high success and client satisfaction rates are our greatest source of pride. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Elite Personalized Training in Cleburne, Joshua, Burleson and Johnson County, Texas

Personalized Pet Services that include pet sitting, pet walking or almost anything that has to do with a pet!

Whether your pet has troubles in the house, at the park, or socializing with other animals, our services cover the A to Z of pet ownership. Browse our services to find the right training for you.


Mannered Mutt Package $600

Basics of Training Together

The Mannered Mutt package consists of three one-hour lessons that we will complete together.  We will go over how you start the process and follow through as a team. We will successfully be able to get your Mutt the Manners that you have always desired.

Unleashed Package $1,000              (includes e- collar)

Walking with Style

Have you ever thought to yourself how awesome it would be to be able to let your dog off leash while still maintaining control and ensuring that your pup is having fun but returning to you with ease?  This package is the most advanced and yet it is one that you will enjoy the most due to the simplicity of the end result. The Unleashed Package works best with one of the above obedience packages to help create the solid foundation your pup needs to be successful.  We will start off working on a long line and by the end of the 4th (minimum) lesson your dog will be recalling to you in the middle of a park.


Champion Canine Package $800 (training collar included)

Advanced Canine Commands!

A Day Train program that will exceed all of your expectations and you will no longer be embarrassed when you want to be social! This is the advanced obedience package that will have your dog acting like a Champion Canine in less time than you think.  This package consists of 5 days of multiple training sessions done throughout the day (your home, my home, park or local hardware store ) and then I will have a one hour lesson with you at the end of the day to show you what I taught your pup that day. You will learn so much with this package as it is very detailed and personalized for your Champion Canine.  You will love to be the neighbor with the best pup that knows how to sit-stay until released, how to walk on a leash without pulling you down the street, to wait politely at doors and thresholds without bolting out the door or while you unload groceries.

Proper Pup Package $500

Why not start things off right?!

The Proper Pup Package consists of 4 one-hour lessons that will be catered to your pup's needs.  This will help you to be consistent in their training and set them up for success. Once your puppy has a solid foundation, we will take them out and about to show off their new skills.  Socialization is a very important step to help them overcome any obstacles they may encounter and enable them to think critically and outside of the box. All of these skills combined will help your puppy thrive as they grow!


Not sure which of our services could be the best for your pet? We’re here to help!

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Let’s get your pup trained together!

At Diggin That Dog, we strongly believe that it’s never too late to change our pet’s behavior. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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